Why I Do What I Do

Hi there, my name is Connor Murphy and I am a sophomore here at Dickinson College, majoring in Policy Management. I am also fortunate enough to be a member of the Dickinson College Mens Lacrosse team.

Living an active lifestyle has been apart of me my entire life and that is where I got the motivation to write this blog. At first, I was going to write solely about my experiences playing lacrosse. I then realized that one, this blog would get very boring and repetitive, and two, I do so much more than just play lacrosse.

I live for any type of pick up game. 3v3 basketball on an outside court, intramural flag football on Sundays, and my new favorite, 2v2 squash games. Anytime I am out competing with my friends will for sure be a good time for me… unless I lose.

Beyond that, I have a strong passion for the outdoorsy-type activities. Hiking, kayaking and climbing are a few things I love to do during the summer months. Along those lines, I have really gotten into cliff jumping. Going on an hour hike in the middle of nowhere and ending up at a small lake with a perfect spot for some cliff jumps is something I’m in to.

Being a student-athlete at one of the top liberal arts schools in the nation can definitely be quite stressful at times. However, knowing I have that hour of free time to get a quick run in or play that pick up game to seven is something that helps me get through the week.

I hope this blog will attract people who have the same passion I do with living an active lifestyle but also people who are looking for a little motivation. If I can show people that taking an hour out of your day to do something active should something you look forward to, I will be a happy man. So, with that being said, get up, get out and go do it!

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