We Lift Things Up and Put Them Down

Even though our fall season has technically been over for about a month now, we really have not seen any slow down. We are either running or lifting 6 out of 7 days of the week- just like in season.

Don’t get me wrong here, I actually do enjoy being with the team and getting better every week. This will be something that will pay off for us in the spring so we have all bought in to this off-season training. Although the running is great, the team lifts are what we all really look forward to.


This is a time where all 50 of us can be together and do cool man things. Like, what is more manly than lifting weights?!  You see the that man there? Yea, thats what we are all striving for… ha ha kidding. I think we would need a lot of steroids and protein shakes to ever look like that.


But in reality, our team lifts are an opportunity for us to get better. We all think of our lifts as a competition between each other. Of course, everyone can lift different amounts of weight but it is your improvement that is most important.

Another reason we all love our team lifts is because of the unbelievable weight room we get to lift in. Student-athletes here at Dickinson are so fortunate to have the Durden Center. This athletic training center is easily one of the best facilities in Division III.

Our coach is always telling us we can think of these lifts two different ways. We can either think of them as an obligation or an opportunity. Well, I can say with complete confidence that we all think of it as a great opportunity to get better and have a ton of fun doing it.



3 thoughts on “We Lift Things Up and Put Them Down

  1. Wow, I can’t imagine adding 6/7 days of lifting or running into my super busy schedule! That’s really amazing that you can balance that with you work! It inspires me to be less lazy and go work out! I like your tone and the picture you use of the Rock. IT’s really funny and honest on how you guys bond. I also like the link to the Durden center. It made me click and check out the site (never seen it before.) Thanks for a great motivational post!


  2. As someone who partakes in this same incredibly hectic schedule, it is cool to hear someone else’s perspective on it. I really like the idea you present on how it is an opportunity for individuals to push one another in order to improve the team as a whole and turning these lifts into competitions. These opportunities are another great way that our team can improve our team culture and build close relationships with one another


  3. As said above, I like to see a different perspective on lifting. We do something similar in which we make it competitive. For example we challenged the field hockey team earlier in the year in a lifting competition. I will say it definitely showed some of our freshman how competitive we can get. After this competition with the field hockey team, the bar was raised very high for expectations of future lifts and thankfully we have been able to meet those expectations. I personally have never had a problem with lifting but I know there are several girls on our team who think they are going to bulk up and gain weight. Which in reality is not the case. It has become evident this fall that lifting 3 days a week has not caused anyone to bulk up or gain weight but rather it has directly translated to our success on the field. That success we are seeing now will ultimately be HUGE in our success next spring. This is something that your team will hopefully see as well. That putting in the hard work now will pay off a ton come February 1.


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