The Loser of the Squash Court

I have written in multiple posts about how much I love playing squash. Yea, I might have to take back that statement. My friends and I played a few games this past week and I have now realized, I. Hate. Squash. I lost handedly to two of my best friends and I am not happy about it. Let me tell you a little bit about the night…

So, my first match was against the one and only, Dane Huber. He is my best frIMG_1684iend, my teammate and also my roommate. I do everything with this 5’7″ kid and I usually beat him in everything we do. Losing to him is my nightmare.

This match started with a few points exchanged back and forth but after that, it went all down hill for me. I started making mistakes that led into even more mistakes that led into me (almost) breaking that racquet into pieces. And the worst part is, while my little tantrum was going on, I was getting chirped out of the water by Dane. Final score of this match was 11-5…pathetic.

My second match was against the chubby, upstate-New Yorker, Tyler Strods. This was going to be my redemption match; the match where I got my confidence back. Think about how great of a feeling it was for Andy Dufresne  when he got his redemption. That is the feeling I was hoping for.

Well, after a few more mistakes on my part, a few nice shots on Tyler’s part and me almost breaking my hand from punching the wall, I went on to once again lose the match. Although, my performance was a little better this time, I only lost 11-7!

Even though I do suck at squash, it was still a great time to be out on the court playing. We spent an hour of our Monday night playing squash while our third roommate was stuck in the lib trying to write an eight page research paper…in Spanish. So, looking back on the night, I guess I can consider myself in the win column in that aspect.

**I have just recently announced my retirement from squash and am planning on giving racquetball the old college try.

3 thoughts on “The Loser of the Squash Court

  1. I am sorry to hear that squash did not suit your fancy. It is quite different from other stick sports from my experience. I hear that tennis and ping-pong players have an easier time adapting to squash. The hand-eye coordination along with strong wrist movement is crucial to excelling in squash. Racquetball is the same. That sport takes more cardiovascular endurance than do squash. I have heard about old men who dominate in tennis in squash but less so in racquetball or pick-up basketball. I hope racquetball suits your athletic strengths better. The ball is bigger and so is the racket. The wrist strength requirement is a bit greater than is necessary in squash. When taking a break from the Kline Center, maybe hustle your best friend in a game of pool. Just do it.


  2. natalea2020

    Having never played squash I can only imagine the difficulty going from a stick sport to a racquet sport. I have played softball and tennis and its substantially different. Being a competitive person I can understand the frustration of losing something to someone, then working hard to get better and improve so you can then beat the competition.


  3. weinere

    Sounds like a rough night. Never fun losing to a 5’7 kid or a chubby, upstate-New Yorker. To be fair, the New Yorker pry doesn’t go outside much so his indoor sports games should be superb. Try racing him on an outdoor track or playing some lacrosse. I think you should play Dane in basketball to get your confidence back. Funny post though, loved the Andy Dufresne reference.


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