A Day In The Active Life: A Film by Connor Murphy

For my final video project I decided to film Tyler go through his daily, active routine. At the beginning of the video, you see Tyler studying and sort of looking flustered but that all changes when he gets a notification on his phone that it is time for his workout.

I hope you can watch this video and realize that doing these doing types of activities are not only good for you but they are also fun and easy. Now sit back, relax and enjoying watching Tyler get all sweaty!


Music: Animal- Miike Snow

Interview With My Bruvs


From left to right: Tyler, Dane, Ryan, Me, Pat

When I found out I had to conduct an interview for my blog, I knew right away I was going to interview my four best friends. The five of us literally do everything together. We are all on the same team, have more or less the same schedule and live together. To be perfectly honest, these guys are the reason why I go out and try to do something productive everyday. That sounded mad cliche but I guess its true.

Over the course of this semester, I have talked a lot about the competitions that go on within our team. Well, there is nobody I am more competitive with than these four guys. This competitiveness is what drives us to try and do different activities everyday.

This interview was conducted this past Sunday night after we had all been in the same room together for six hours. Tensions were high to say the least, however, I thought the three questions I asked were pretty simple and straightforward. I thought that three questions I asked would be done in no time. Yea I thought wrong. I quickly came to realize that ideas always work out better in your head. Well, here goes nothing…

Out of the five of us, who is the most competitive?

Ryan, Tyler, Pat: Daner.
I kid you not as soon as I said the first syllable of competitive, all three of them said Daner in unison. You see, Daner is one of those kmain-thumb-t-1384766-200-gfwafbaxseaftspwdidrxejtsrwbdglbids who always got picked on for being the short kid, he has what you call, Napoleonic Complex…

However, we did give him a chance to defend himself.

Dane: Ok assholes, the only reason you all think I am the most competitive is because I can get in all your heads so easily. So if you consider that competitive than sure, I am the most competitive.

Besides lacrosse, what is your favorite activity? 

Ryan: Lifting.

Tyler: Probably running. I think running is the best way for me to stay in shape and lose some of these extra pounds I’m carrying.

Me: How’s losing the pounds coming along?

Tyler: Not good, on the weekends I eat like shit and drink too many beers. But hey, a man can dream right?

Pat: I was a pretty good basketball player in high school so I’d having to say playing pick up. Also, most of the guys on our team suck so it’s cool to dominate you guys.

Dane: (laughing while he answers) Squash. I love to play squash, especially against you Murph because you suck at it and I usually end up beating Tyler too.

In all seriousness, when lacrosse is over and we are (hopefully) graduated from school, how do you plan on staying active?

Ryan: I think I’ll always lift. Right now I lift for lacrosse but I also actually enjoy it, so I’ll keep on doing that.

Tyler: I have two dogs and love hiking up at my house in the Adirondacks so I’m hoping to spend as much time as possible doing that. I’ll also keep up on the running- even though it probably won’t slim me down at all.

Pat: My older brother who lives in the city plays pretty serious basketball in a mens league. I’m hoping to do the same thing.

Dane: I’ve heard swimming is the best thing you can do to stay in shape after college, so I think I’ll give that a try. Besides that, I’m gonna keep playing squash with you because beating you will never get old.


Picture: https://www.quora.com/topic/Napoleon-Complex


We Lift Things Up and Put Them Down

Even though our fall season has technically been over for about a month now, we really have not seen any slow down. We are either running or lifting 6 out of 7 days of the week- just like in season.

Don’t get me wrong here, I actually do enjoy being with the team and getting better every week. This will be something that will pay off for us in the spring so we have all bought in to this off-season training. Although the running is great, the team lifts are what we all really look forward to.


This is a time where all 50 of us can be together and do cool man things. Like, what is more manly than lifting weights?!  You see the that man there? Yea, thats what we are all striving for… ha ha kidding. I think we would need a lot of steroids and protein shakes to ever look like that.


But in reality, our team lifts are an opportunity for us to get better. We all think of our lifts as a competition between each other. Of course, everyone can lift different amounts of weight but it is your improvement that is most important.

Another reason we all love our team lifts is because of the unbelievable weight room we get to lift in. Student-athletes here at Dickinson are so fortunate to have the Durden Center. This athletic training center is easily one of the best facilities in Division III.

Our coach is always telling us we can think of these lifts two different ways. We can either think of them as an obligation or an opportunity. Well, I can say with complete confidence that we all think of it as a great opportunity to get better and have a ton of fun doing it.



The Loser of the Squash Court

I have written in multiple posts about how much I love playing squash. Yea, I might have to take back that statement. My friends and I played a few games this past week and I have now realized, I. Hate. Squash. I lost handedly to two of my best friends and I am not happy about it. Let me tell you a little bit about the night…

So, my first match was against the one and only, Dane Huber. He is my best frIMG_1684iend, my teammate and also my roommate. I do everything with this 5’7″ kid and I usually beat him in everything we do. Losing to him is my nightmare.

This match started with a few points exchanged back and forth but after that, it went all down hill for me. I started making mistakes that led into even more mistakes that led into me (almost) breaking that racquet into pieces. And the worst part is, while my little tantrum was going on, I was getting chirped out of the water by Dane. Final score of this match was 11-5…pathetic.

My second match was against the chubby, upstate-New Yorker, Tyler Strods. This was going to be my redemption match; the match where I got my confidence back. Think about how great of a feeling it was for Andy Dufresne  when he got his redemption. That is the feeling I was hoping for.

Well, after a few more mistakes on my part, a few nice shots on Tyler’s part and me almost breaking my hand from punching the wall, I went on to once again lose the match. Although, my performance was a little better this time, I only lost 11-7!

Even though I do suck at squash, it was still a great time to be out on the court playing. We spent an hour of our Monday night playing squash while our third roommate was stuck in the lib trying to write an eight page research paper…in Spanish. So, looking back on the night, I guess I can consider myself in the win column in that aspect.

**I have just recently announced my retirement from squash and am planning on giving racquetball the old college try.

FallBall Season Finale

Our lacrosse team competed in our fall tournament this past weekend. We were the host to five other teams and were able to play in three scrimmages. Our team has been working hard all fall for this day. Fortunately, our hard work paid off and we were able to win all three of our games.

In our first game, we played Susquehanna University. Going into the game, it was apparent that most of us were a little nervous. This was the first time that this group would be playing together. Coming off of a rough year last year (we finished with a record of 7-9), we knew we had to execute in this first scrimmage to set the tone for a successful year. Well, that is what we just did. We handedly beat up on Susquehanna in that first scrimmage. Our offense was moving the ball well, getting great shots and scoring tons of assisted goals. Our defense and goalie  played superb only letting up two goals. We had a lot of energy going into our second scrimmage… and we needed it.

Our second game was against Essex Community College. This team had just played in the junior college national championship this past spring. We knew we were going to have our work cut out for us this game. However, we picked up just where we left off against Susquehanna and played a very disciplined game. Once again, we were able to beat another tough opponent.

Our first two scrimmages were set up for mainly the “starters” and “2nd” string guys to play in. The third game was set for mostly the freshman and other back ups. While they watched the first two games from the sideline, they brought an incredible amount of enthusiasm that definitely added to our success on the field. So, when they played in that third game, we made sure to be super energetic from the sideline and give them the same amount of enthusiasm and support that they gave us.

That third game ended up being the best game out of all three that day. We did crush our opponent in that game, but that is not why it was the best one of the day. It was because that game was just flat out fun for everyone on our team. All fifty of us were completely into our team and into that game. That is something we strive to do every time we are all together. We put in all of that work during the off season and practices so we can have a fun time in the games.

With the fall season being over, that does not mean our team does not stop working. Although we will not have to come down to practice three times a week with our coaches, we will still have to put in plenty of work on our own. It is expected of us that we push ourselves this offseason so come February 1st, our first day of practice, we are completely ready to compete at a high level.

Teams Who Run Together Stay Together

As a Division 3 lacrosse program, we are only allowed a certain number of practices during the fall. For about four weeks, we are able to practice about three times per week. Although it seems like not a lot, these practices are loaded with drills and tons of running. Running is one thing that we sure do a lot of in the fall. After having the whole summer to prepare for our fall season, our coach expects us to be in top-notch shape, ready to run and work hard. Doing all of these different run tests and sprints during practice can clearly be a pain at times, but in the end it is worth it. We had a different kind of run test two Sunday’s ago but this time it was not on Biddle Field with just our team, it was here on campus with the Dickinson Community.

Run For Steph is a 5K that takes place every fall here at Dickinson. Steph was a Dickinson student who tragically passed away after getting hit by a drunk driver just over ten years ago. Since then, there has been a 5K set up in her honor and to raise awareness and money for a great cause. With that being said, teams, clubs, sororities, and countless other Dickinsonians come out on a Sunday morning to take part in Run For Steph.

So, on that Sunday morning all fifty members of the mens lacrosse team showed up in full force to run the 5K. This was not a test that was going to be timed and monitored by our coaches but instead, this was a test of our team’s character. Some guys could have showed up with a bad attitude, maybe still a little shaken up from the night before, and just pout the whole time while they were there. Although that is not what Dickinson lacrosse is. Our whole team showed up ready to represent and ready to run.

Now, the actual 5K was no joke. While you could run it at your own, leisurely pace, my teammates and I made it a little race of our own. Last one to finish the race was going to be in for a rough treat after they crossed the finish line. Everyone went all out for it and had finished the race except for two. Next thing we knew, our two remaining teammates were neck and neck coming down the last stretch- neither of them wanted to be last.

It turned out our last two teammates finished in a dead tie so in good spirit, there was no punishment for the loser. Our entire team stayed around until the last of the other runners finished the race. All in, this was just an hour out of our Sunday morning. Instead of wasting away a Sunday morning by sleeping or just complaining about how hungover you are, our team was able to make it a very productive morning. Run For Steph 2015 was a success… such a success we even got a team picture!